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Happy Side-Hustle Saturday!

At the risk of sounding cliché, this year has been ROUGH, especially for artists. Most singers and musicians have been struggling with canceled gigs, low morale, and even lower funds and many were forced to embrace the ever-important (and a little bit dreaded?) side hustle. Whether it's embroidering catchy phrases, sculpting jewelry, developing curriculum, or designing divas, here is a list of artists you should support this weekend on what I'm dubbing, Side-Hustle Saturday!

All of these shop owners and creators are also musicians who have been impacted by the industry-wide shut-downs caused by COVID19. Instead of hitting up a big box store or major virtual marketplace *coughamazoncough*, look for something special from some of these spectacular shops!

Pictured: "Nine Composers (who all happen to be Black) from InkerMezzo, "Forget me not" cards from Sodey Mac Makes, Pendant from Jewel Song Jewels, Embroidery from Emily Evans Embroidery.

The art and music appreciators in your life will appreciate the stunning works by InkerMezzo or Arty Margit to hang on their wall. For more practical appreciation you can always grab a mug, t-shirt, or print from DoReMi Designs, The Caffeinated Ginger, The Creative Soprano, Sodey Mac Makes, or Sing Pretty Designs. (P.S. The Amy Beach towel from Maria Bozich of DoReMi Designs is straight out of my music nerd dreams!)

If you're looking for someone who likes a little sparkle, there's Tenor Jewelry, Elliot Menard, and Jewel Song Jewels. For something to keep your loved ones warm and adorned, check out the every stuning design from By Vinnick, or some niche opera duds from Old Fachs. If you like to look at your textiles and not just wear them, check out Needle Work Vault, Emily Evans Embroidery,

Golden Thread Decor, and AlloKnits. There's even something for that person in your life who started a quarantine plant collection from The Knotted Diva.

Pictured: "Warm Apple Pie" mug from the Caffieneited Ginger, Hildegard von Bingen sweatshirt from DoReMi Designs, "Everything Festive" headband from By Vinnick, and custom macrame plant hanger from the Knotted Diva.

However, sometimes you have someone who really enjoys pracitical or experiential gifts. Check out Sound Garden for a music education resource that will "bridge the gap between those who have had the opportunity to develop an appreciation for classical music and those who haven't." Or to help a loved one wind down from a VERY long year, get a virtual Reiki session from Edana Healing and some USDA certified CBD from Green Compas Global.

Basically, if you're looking to support the arts this season, you don't have to look much further than your local arts community. From knitting, sewing, and drawing to cooking, and coaching, 2020 has been the posterchild for side hustles so please, support the arts and buy from the artists you know and love. I know I will!

Happy Shopping!

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